Skincare mistakes that make you look older

Summer comes with sun but also with problems for our skin . Sweat, makeup products, heat, all these affect the skin. However, most times, an inappropriate beauty ritual is the main problem.
Here are some of the most common errors you do when you take care for your skin.
In the future, try to avoid them, to enjoy a smooth skin that radiates health and freshness.

1. You do not clean the skin before bed

Because you’re sweating, dust, bacteria and make-up products clog pores causing irritation, acne, and itchy red spots. Be sure to clean your skin before bed with suitable products.

2. You’re exfoliating your skin too often

Exfoliation is an essential step in the skin care routine, along with cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Through exfoliation, you’re cleaning the skin, releasing the pores of impurities, remove dead cells, improve blood circulation and give a fresh and smooth appearance to your skin.

However, exfoliation can damage in some cases. Abusing of products specifically designed for exfoliation, you risk skin irritation and waking up with red spots, bumps and inflammation. Over time, excessive skin exfoliation favors premature skin aging.

If you have normal, mixed or oily skin, you can exfoliate it 2 times per week, but if you have dry and sensitive skin, one time per week exfoliating is sufficient.

3. You don’t use products with SPF

Sun rays are the worst enemies to your youthful skin. Do not leave the house without caring your skin with a SPF product. Besides classical sunscreen creams, you can facial skin care with different SPF daily moisturizers.

4. You’re using creams that contain preservatives

Many cosmetic products, heavily promoted, have harmful effects on the skin rather than miraculous effects. Carefully consult creams packages. If it specified that the products do not contain parabens, you can use it without worry.
5. You’re not using mineral makeup products

During summer, replace foundation that you use in winter, with a mineral one, aerated texture. It will leave your skin to breathe and you’ll easier bear the heat and excessive sweating. Avoid liquid or cream makeup. Because of sweat they will gather on the eyes corners or on the eyelids folds.

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