Do you know how to get rid of stretch marks ?

During Spring and Summer season, many people head to the beach to enjoy a cool, soothing sea breeze. Beaches are not only the best way to spend your vacation at a serene and peaceful place but also to get a good rest from the hectic life and get a real good tan. Many people plan their vacations in advance, pack up their exercise tools and head to the beach with a determination to workout and lose some weight and try their best to get a lean shape. But working out the the beach may cause stretch marks due to the excess heat that might be hard to get rid of.

Stretch marks are scarred lines visible on the skin that can cause burning and itching, but they do eventually go away after 6-8 months or have are any risk to your body. Stretch marks are also caused by the stretching of the skin due to hormonal reactions during triggers like pregnancy, rapid weight gain (or loss), hormonal changes during puberty and increase of the muscle mass.

Although stretch marks are long-lasting, there are a few techniques and home remedies that can lessen the ugliness of these stretch marks on your skin. You can get rid of your stretch marks by applying natural remedies or using drugs, or going for surgical or laser treatments.

Make it Natural

Some natural compounds have shown effectiveness in the treatment of stretch marks, for instance:

  • Castor oil has shown improvements in helping the scars to fade away within days.
  • Aloe vera has healing and soothing properties that are useful for the skin.
  • Eggs whites are rich in amino acids and proteins that are needed to maintain a healthy skin.
  • Lemon juice has the property to reduce marks through their acidic substance.
  • Sugar has excellent exfoliation properties for the skin.
  • Potato juice has vitamins and minerals, which stimulate cell growth.
  • Alfalfa has vitamins which nourish the skin.
  • Cocoa is a natural moisturizer.
  • Olive oil has a bunch of nutrients and antioxidants that maintain a good condition of the skin.

Try Effective Pharmaceuticals

Some pharmaceuticals used in the treatment of Stretch Marks are topical tretinoin, which increases the collagen production on the skin and as a result the improves the appearance of the skin; nevertheless, the consumption of this pharmaceutical drug has some adverse effects during pregnancy. Another compound often used is L-tyrosine, which improves the production of melamine that pigments the skin. Glycolic acid has shown the increase of collagen and the improvement of elasticity of the skin.

Surgical Treatment

Stretch marks that occur on the belly can be removed through a surgical procedure known as tummy tuck, which removes the skin layer on which these marks occur. This procedure makes the abdomen thinner and more firm but in some women they could cause complications that will be necessary to evaluate before a woman plans to go for a surgical procedure. In addition, a tummy tuck could leave lifelong scars on your skin, not as bad looking as stretch marks but still.

Laser Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation is a laser treatment for the skin that attempts to remove wrinkles, spots and textures by making a little wound on the skin, stimulating the natural process of the body to heal through the production of new cells.

You need to be patient because the healing process of the skin takes time and detailed care. If you have recently gone through pregnancy, getting back into shape is still possible; you will need to affront each challenge but at the end, you will be satisfied with your effort.

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