How to make a deodorant with only 2 ingredients

If you want to stop using commercial antiperspirants and deodorants that contain paraben or triclosan, opt for a more natural solution. If you want not to endanger your health, try this recipe for homemade deodorant.


1 glass jar (which is wide)
2 tablespoons baking soda
Between 10 and 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (on summer avoid using citrus because it could cause stains in the armpits due to the sun)


Just put the baking soda in the jar and add the essential oil of your choice and mix well.


The best time to apply is right after the shower. Shake well before opening the jar with clean fingers and take a bit of deodorant and apply to the armpits by patting, not rubbing.
Baking soda blocks the smell of sweat while with the essential oil you’ll get a pleasant smell. This deodorant lasts a year under optimum conditions.

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