How to maintain teeth health?

Majority of the people tend to ignore the health and hygiene of their mouth, especially their teeth. But teeth have a significant impact on our outlook. Unhealthy and unpleasant looking teeth can make a beautiful face look ugly. Unhealthy and yellow teeth have an adverse affect not only on your looks but also your confidence. The reason is low maintenance of mouth hygiene.

To maintain the health of your teeth it is important to protect and look after them from an early age so that they are strong even after 70 years. Today, due to sugary drinks and desserts, teeth start to decay even before an individual hits 50 years of age. The major cause is our unhealthy eating habits.

But tooth decay can be prevented by a slight change in lifestyle. In the case of teeth health, some simple homemade remedies can help you increase the life of your teeth and enhance teeth whitening.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is known across the world for its wondrous advantages. Both consumption and application of olive oil are full of goodness. To increase the health of your teeth, start using olive oil in your daily eating food, like in salads. You can also clean your teeth directly with olive oil.


Dentists around the world recommend and quote the significance of flossing. Flossing removes bacteria from mouth and keep your teeth and stomach healthy. Flossing once a day is very beneficial for your teeth.

Avoid Acidic Food:

Acidic and unhealthy food affects the health of our teeth. Food that are full of various chemicals react with the calcium in our teeth thereby reducing their strength. Dentists  recommend that patients suffering from any type of toothache must avoid consumption of unhealthy acidic food at all times.

Candies and Sweets:

We all know that candies and sweets stick to our teeth. Even after brushing, candies often leave their residue behind. This transforms into bacteria which stick to our teeth. Reducing the intake of sweets can greatly reduced the chances of early tooth decay.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is not only injurious to health and even more harmful for your teeth. Smoking causes unhealthy bacteria and infections to enter your mouth. The strong effect of nicotine and tobacco eat your teeth like rust eats iron. Smoking also reduces teeth whitening and causes your teeth to become yellowish.


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