How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags are growths on the skin that are caused by a viral infection. They are not cancerous and are usually harmless, but can be annoying, unsightly and sometimes painful. There are several types of skin tags and can grow anywhere on the body, including under the arms. There are many different types of treatments used to remove skin tags, including home remedies and professional treatment.

You will need:

– an insulating tape
– a counter wart remover
– a first aid cream
– sterile dressings

Check the anomaly in the skin carefully to make sure it’s really a skin tag, skin rash, skin papilloma, a boil or cyst. Although none of these skin abnormalities are often cause for serious concern, they are all treated differently.

Try to remove the skin head at home before seeking medical attention. Home remedies like applying duct tape over the skin tag – there are some medical research behind them suggesting its effectiveness. The counter medications such as salicylic acid applied to the wart can also provide relief. All home remedies, including those involving the counter medications, take some time, usually 6 to 10 weeks to completely remove the skin head.

Seek medical attention for persistent skin tags which do not respond to home treatment. The doctor will assess the skin tag and determine the best method to remove it. Depending on the patient’s age, locating it in the armpit and other factors, your doctor may recommend surgery, freezing, laser surgery, chemical ampoules or electrosurgery.
Seek medical attention if a skin tag is red, swollen or tender. If there is bleeding or oozing, there may be a more serious underlying problem that requires medical attention.

Use with caution the area where the skin tag was removed. It is tender and can be very raw so, a subject to infection. Apply a first aid cream and keep it covered with a bandage until the area is completely healed.

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