Homemade skin cream made from milk and butter

Combine butter and milk to prepare a body moisturizer. The most moisturizing and emollient-rich fats come from nuts, such as butter (shea) and cacao. When choosing a milk product to use, choose milk powder or liquid. You do not have to use milk from cows, sheep or goat. Experience this recipe with almond milk, rice or coconut. Beeswax allows the lotion to completely cover and transform skin lotion consistency in a body butter.
You need:

– 1/4 cups of cocoa butter
– 1/3 cups of shea butter
– one tablespoon of beeswax
– a tablespoon of oil
– three tablespoons milk
– essential oils
– spatula
– plastic or glass bottle


1. Heat the water in a double boiler.

2. Combine the ingredients listed above, with the exception of essential oils. The recipe above requires three tablespoons of oil. You can use a single oil or combine different types to maximize the effect. Some options include almond oil, olive, sunflower and jojoba. Choose an animal milk, such as cow, goat or sheep, or use a vegetable milk such as coconut or almonds.

3. Melt the ingredients slowly in double boiler, stirring frequently with a spatula until completely melt.

4. Let the lotion to cool for a few minutes before adding up to 10 drops of your favorite oil. This is an optional step that serves the lotion to smell and add extra to the mix properties.

5. Pour the lotion in a glass jar or plastic, and let it cool completely before using.

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