Highlight your manicure with an unique homemade nail polish

Would you like to create your own nail polish color of your choice? While women have thousands of shades of nail polish available on the market, it never hurts to have our own color, a unique combination of tones that make highlight our manicure.

Best of all is that you do not need to spend much money and time to make a homemade nail polish, so just follow the instructions and you will learn how to make your own nail polish. With these steps you can recreate any shade of nail polish of the big brands, or simply create your own color; encourage to experiment and surprise everyone with your custom glazes.

What do I need to do a nail polish?

As you will realize you do not need large inputs to create your polish, check your beauty items and have the following on hand:

– clear nail polish

– shadows in the colors of your choice (you can also use powdered pigments)

– small container to store the new enamel

– plastic bag (small ziploc type)

– orange stick

– a brush to paint the nails.

Follow this steps in order to make the nail polish:

1. It is advisable to start doing a little mix to see how shadows react along the enamel. Try using well pigmented ones for a strong shade shadows. Moreover, you can buy a small container to store your new enamel or recycle one. Only remember to sterilize it well with alcohol. Also, try to use a separate brush for this new enamel because you will not use all the transparent glaze stain and thereby avoid using the same brush.

2. To start, get the shade you choose in a plastic bag and close it (this will help you avoid clutter to hold the shade in one place), then, using the back of a brush-with much care begin to crush a part of the shadow to turn it into fine powder. If you are using powdered pigments you can skip this step.

3. Then, cut one corner of the bag and place the shadow powder in the container where you are saving it.

4. Gradually add the transparent glaze with a stir stick to go mixing orange shade with the glaze. Collect as much polish as you see fit (a good measure is to clear the dust from the shade). Go either adding ingredients if you consider it necessary.

With these simple steps you already have a custom enamel. In this way, you created a brand new matte color! Congratulations!

Highlight your manicure with an unique homemade nail polish