5 Reasons Why You Are Not Able to Lose Belly Fat

Still struggling to lose belly fat even after weeks of strict diet and exercise? Experts believe that there are many different factors that can hamper your weight loss efforts, here are some of them:

Low Magnesium in Your Diet

Humans require more than 300 mg of Magnesium to smoothly conduct all chemical reactions taking place in the body, including regulating blood sugar levels and keeping a steady heart rhythm. Magnesium is all believed to be a good conductor is  weight loss and reshaping of your body since an having an optimum level of magnesium in your body can help lower glucose level.

Recheck Your Workout

An unhealthy workout may adversely affect your body. Many people feel that a steady cardio workout like jogging helps in weight loss. The real problem with this workout is that a 45-minute jog will shed your extra kilos in the beginning but soon your body’s metabolism will adjust to this workout and if you discontinue, you will find it difficult to lose weight.

Mixing your cardio workout with weight training can be the perfect way to get your body in shape. Weight lifting increases micro tears in the muscles which will burn a lot of energy. After weight training, healing process is carried out by the body which requires calories. This process can last for up to 2 days.

Improper Sleeping Hours

Lack of sleep can lead to serious consequences and badly impact your body as well. A study published in America Journal of Epidemiology states that 35% of women who sleep for just five hours are likely to experience major weight gain. Another study states that women who sleep for four hours instead of eight consume 300 extra calories that too from fatty foods. There is a scientific explanation for this, lack of sleep tends to increase a hormone called Ghrelin which stimulates appetite and causes the person to gain weight.

Higher Salt Intake

A meal with excess salt may cause your body to feel bloated. This is because salt causes water to move from blood to skin which can make you look puffy. More than 90% people consume more sodium than recommended quantity on a daily basis. It must be remembered that sodium is not only present in table salt, but many ready-made, canned foods also contains sodium as a preservative.

Reduce Your Drinks

Alcohol is known for increasing food intake and certain types of alcohol tend to increase belly fat. Higher intake of alcohol can be one of the prime reasons as to why you are unable to  reduce your belly fat.

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