5 easy-to-grow indoor flowering plants

Streptocarpus (also known as Cape Primrose). Pictured above, find these in pink, purple, red and more colors. They like medium to bright light and don’t like being over-watered.

Saintpaulias (also known as African Violet) Lots of colors to choose from. They prefer indirect light and moist soil.

Tradescantia pallida (Also known as Purple Heart Plant).
This plant loves lots of sunlight (the more sun the more purple the leaves) Water thoroughly.

Oxalis (also known as purple shamrock)
This perky plant likes bright indirect light and likes the surface of its soil to dry out between watering.

Pelargonium (Many geraniums you find actually belong to this genus)
They need lots of sunlight and like to dry out between waterings. Particularly lovely as a kitchen window sill plant.

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